Dynamic Intelligence

Actionable Business Intelligence to Accelerate Complex Decision-making.

Dynamisms in Perspective

Dynamism in Perspective

We're driven by the digitalization of intelligence and visualization of solutions. As a leading value science company, Syenza offers Dynamic Intelligence services using simulation modelling, data ecosystems, and digital analytics. We deliver actionable business intelligence to accelerate complex decision-making, insight discovery and process optimization.


Simulation modeling

Syenza uses simulation modelling to safely experiment with “what if scenarios” especially when healthcare systems are characterized by high uncertainty, complexity, and dynamism. We forecast and quantify the impact on your business and market access ahead of time.

Data Ecosystem Curation

Syenza produces evidence with empirical data – the greatest obstacle in HEOR and and Global Market Access. We curate an ecosystem of cost data, patient registry data and clinical outcomes data. We also manage the big data value chain including data acquisition, data quality management, security and storage.

Digital Analytics

Syenza deploys scientifically robust and state-of-the-art digital analytics to reveal the fusion of multiple perspectives on value. Data from patients, prescribers, and payers are core to the differentiated value attributes that emerge from our digital analytics.

Service Outcomes

Clients use simulation models to gain insights of market opportunities and risks under different scenarios for market shaping purposes.
Clients access the multi-source data ecosystem for business critical projects. In short, Syenza takes the pain out of data so you can gain value.
Clients leverage rich descriptive reports that include market opportunities and empirical insights to inform scenarios for predictive modelling.

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