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Syenza™ is a life science consultancy for accelerating value based healthcare systems. Our specialised services include Pricing Consulting, Market Access Consulting, and Healthcare Consulting.

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What do our services include?

Pricing Consulting

Value-based Health Care depends on a rigorous approach to evaluating the price of innovations. Full pricing is out, shared-value is in.

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Market Access Consulting

Market Access requires a new approach to Value-based Health Care. Old tools are out, value-based methods are in.

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Healthcare Consulting

Value-based Health Care changes how we look at healthcare systems. It's no longer business as usual.

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Our Story

Syenza ™ builds on our heritage at C&C - The Specialist Market Access Firm ™. Along the way we’ve learnt that accelerating value-based healthcare systems will require specialised expertise in pricing, market access, and healthcare consulting. We’ve come a long way.

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January 2008

Our Founder starts consulting at WHO and Harvard Medical School

March 2011

We start accepting outsourced projects from prominent consulting firms

June 2015

We strengthen our market access and pharmacoeconomics services for pain management and rare diseases.

September 2016

We introduce our Client Chart and start working direct with top Clients

June 2017

Our therapeutic area pharmacoeconomic projects cover cancer, CVD, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS.

April 2018

We introduce the first fully online applied pharmacoeconomics course.

September 2019

We’ve traveled a lot of miles implementing access projects, and delivered much analytics.

Since 2008, we have ...
4,928,768 km

implementing Access Projects

1,252 p.

presenting our Analytic Work

320 h

of Market Access Workshops

Exchanged Views in
21,384 min

of Global Conferencing

Our Team


Project Executive


Chief Executive


Research Director


Research Consultant

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Value-Based Pricing of New Technologies

What is value-based pricing? Value-based pricing aims to reward pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies for investments in new healthcare technologies that result in sustained improvements in patient quality of life. We also expect such technologies to deliver measurable net economic benefits for society. In economic theory, value-based pricing is when a buyer’s willingness to […]

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Regulating private healthcare services in Middle-income Countries

Introduction Private healthcare markets comprise individuals and entities that are not owned or operated by the government. Individuals finance private healthcare services from disposal income, or pooled premium contributions through private health insurance providers. The provision and financing of private healthcare services does not include funding by the government. There are several advantages for patients […]

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The Supra-SMART Framework: Developing productive objectives on value based healthcare.

Setting objectives focused on value based healthcare is demanding. You’re working in a field that is complex and involves multiple processes and stakeholders, and you’re trying to shape objectives that help with expanding value based healthcare in constructive ways. You’re weighing the value story of a new healthcare technology, learning how value based healthcare works, […]

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What clients say about us?

Country Manager
Insight into proposed projects, and management of timelines and deliverables. Having articles on outcomes of the project once the project is completed.
Regional Market Access Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim
Self initiative to take the best path and overcome issues without seeking directions from us every time — saves everyone a lot of time and helps with timelines.
Senior Market Access Manager
The collaborative efforts in defining the project, the discussions on the insights generated and follow-up and the further assistance that was offered in understanding the landscape.
Market Access Manager
The regular feedback and the commitment to timelines and delivery.
Global Public Affairs Director
Novo Nordisk
Dedicated and knowledgeable with a high interest in delivering value-adding outcomes.
Head of Market Access
Good insight into the market and new perspectives of looking at access.
Global Market Access Executive
Novo Nordisk
Expertise in the field, communication and constant project status reporting.

Client Charter

We are devoted to accelerating value-based healthcare systems. To this end, we commit to upholding essential principles in all of our dealings with clients. Our Client Charter is our promise to you that:

  • We will execute and complete all projects on time consistent with internationally accepted standards.
  • We will uphold inflexible data security and confidentiality standards.
  • We pledge to work with you to ensure our prices remain competitive.
  • We will never outsource your project or broker a contract to third parties.
  • We commit to including you in our project teams to transfer knowledge and skills.
  • We will respond to 100% of your correspondence within 24 hours.
  • We will be transparent and frank in our communication, no sugar-coating.

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